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Lily Butter Land Art Shows

Lily Butter Land Art Shows Last Update 013-01-27 Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013 UP-Coming art shows ~ This Spring in Toronto VIDEOFAG ———————————————March 17 BUTTER ART IN AUCTION March 22nd. ———!!!! I’m Donating at least one piece to “Where’s the Love” AIDS Committee of Toronto fundraiser The Trash Show @ SuperWonderGallery P!-Project 4 @ Buddies Theater BUTTER IN THE PARK @RIVERDALE ART WALK JUNE 2013 DATES AND Thrilling New Art Pieces TBA !! KEEP YOUR EYES ON http://www.facebook.com/lilybutterland http://www.lilybutterland.com/home/blog FOR BREAKING BUTTER NEWS Art […]

Professional of Arts

Art and Design by Lily Butter Land Stop Thinking of stuff in your HEAD Commission Lily Butter Land to Creat your Visions I Make REAL AUTHENTIC Pictures of What you are Thinking Of AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE ARTWORK SPRING 2013 Amazing Professional of Art Special Offer =============================== Limited Time New Offering Special  Prices and Terms Listed Will Change in the not to distant future.   Write me a description of what you’d like a picture of. your description can be long or short, detailed or vague. please send relevant pix you […]