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This Page is Under Construction 013.01.05 Butter In Print Mass produced copies of Butter Art !!! Feast yer Eyes NOLA underground Comix Magazine June 2011epic large scale drawing of ceramic tile smashing B*mb shelter !!! in NOLA’s best new underground comix tabloid.    http://feastcomic.com/ Comix jam from dozens  of way outsider artsies.Edited by Ceaser Medows (cartoonist for the NOLA Antigravity ) Lost Little Girl Show Story Book Limited pressing of 1000 Fall 2011 Details soon !!! (NO ORDERS YET!  the art for the book isnt finished but i am  taking investments in to […]

Femmeldehyde 2012

  EXTERNAL LINK http://www.femmeldehyde.com/ EXTERNAL LINK 2 http://issuu.com/femmeldehyde/docs/issue03-singlepages1/21 LBL MIRROR http://www.lilybutterland.com/home/femmeldehyde-2012/ FEMMELDEHYDE issue 3 PDF MIRROR http://lilybutterland.com/PDF/femmeldehyde03.pdf   ATTEMPTING TO COPY TEXT OFF AN ONLINE PDF   LILY BUTTER Technology and technological advancements are made possible through the magic of science, of course. So when a friend referred me to the very technological and highly revered Scientartist Lily Butter, I thought, who better to consult for this issue? Miss Butter not only makes scientological art, but is also deeply immersed and affluent in the discipline thanks to Popular Science magazine. She was “perfectly articulated, […]