Lily Butter Land Art Shows

Lily Butter Land Art Shows

Last Update 013-01-27

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UP-Coming art shows
This Spring in Toronto

VIDEOFAG ———————————————March 17

BUTTER ART IN AUCTION March 22nd. ———!!!!
I’m Donating at least one piece to
“Where’s the Love” AIDS Committee of Toronto fundraiser

The Trash Show @ SuperWonderGallery
P!-Project 4 @ Buddies Theater


DATES AND Thrilling New Art Pieces TBA !!


Lily Butter Land Art Shows

Art Show Photo Album



:O~~~~~> Art Show History <~~~~~O:

Every Butter Show

————— 2013 ————-

Jan 19th Art Fusion

@ spectrum Center


JAN 18th  Femmeldehyde ~
Issue 3 Launch Party

ArtScape Triangle Park Gallery
External Link

Pix Soon :



————— 2012 ————-



Christian Aldo @ 99Sudbury 
November 30th // Sci-Fi Show

Part of 2 Gallery Shows in one Night challenge

PaperGirl ~ Photocopy and Mail Art Show
@ Nuit Blanc


External Link

Pen!s Project

Michael Mackid @ Buddies in Bad Times Theater

February // Pen!s Project 1
August  // Pen!s Project 2
November 30 // Pen!s Project the Second Cumming


Morgan L. Page @ Buddies in Bad Times Theater // the519
August // Trans Women Arts Throwdown 2012
see Reviews ::

————— 2011 ————-


Porn and Pickups

Cum as You Are Sex Toy Shop / Toronto

November AND December

2 identicle stores // 2 identicle art shows // moved 2 Blocks in 2 Months

Shanghai summer surprise

Shanghai summer surprise
Group show in Ottawa’s seedy china town karaoke district
dance party karaoke party w DJ CPI
Currated by CPI
Shanghai Cafe
Ottawa July 8

SUMMER 2011 // Fake Store

Adventures in Attempting to be a Mobile Art Vendor
Vs Kensington Art Market and Riverdale Art Walk

Full Ass Moon Party 

(Lily Butter Vs ALZK Sonic Titan)
3 new paintings of Dalek sex, Glutes and Ass Everywhere !!!!
plus collaborative papier mache with DJ Alask Sonic Titan
Home Space // Loft Loft (dance party)
Toronto May 17th

Gender Odessy

52 Artists !!!
With S.Bear Burgman and Leonard Spock Nimoy.
Ridgefield Guild of Artists

Ridgefield CT
opening was april 30th but show is up all month

Lost Little Girl Art Show

Epic Solo Show with over 103 paintings and drawings on display
Barrister’s Gallery, Saint Claude Arts Dist.
New Orleans  April 9 – May 4
see reviews

@ Patrick John Mills’ Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
 // Ottawa
Slave To Art

PJMills Gallery

Slave to Art (big group show)
over 18 old pieces and 6 new ones ALL TAPED TOGETHER !!!
Patrick John Mills Contemporary Fine Arrt Gallery
Ottawa  ‎6:00PM Thursday, May 5th



Porn is/is not Art

– April 2011 (Porn Pics)


Naked Naked Naked

 March 3rd. (Naked Pics)

————— 2010 ————-


@ Barrister’s Gallery // NOLA

Lily Butter Catalog @ Barristers 2011

2010 IWIWD Profile


Like a Prayer – November 2010 Pix)(Review)

I Wish I Was Dead– March 2010 (Review) (Pix)

@ Patrick John Mills’ Contemporary Fine Art Gallery // Ottawa


Art of Giving: Christmas Show. Dec 4th   (art of giving pics)

I Killed the Group of Seven. November 11th. (Kill7 pix)


————— 2009 ————-

studio at Cellspace/SF
Ride of the Low Maintenance

1999-2009 Strange Period where I 90% Quit Art  

I was Drawing often but i quit painting and quit showing or selling any work. This decade also encompassed 2.5 years of dropping out of art school / founding a non profit homestead studio collective in New Orleans / Studying Machine shop and Welding in Montreal and California / Living on a bus half a year / Traveling two laps around north america by train and Thumb / And at Least 4 Serious Trips to the Hospital (all better now!)

During this time I considered my self as Having Quit art. However I also Made nearly 2 dozen Pamphlets Zines and Mini Comix and Distributed hundreds in my travels across north america from California to Tennessee to NOLA to Denver to NYC to Montreal and Toronto.


2008-2009 Candy Rave That is Sordid

2008 sept-oct  MIGwelding apprentice

2007-2005 Termite &Vine
Artists and Musicians
Homesteaders Collective Co-operative Association

2004-2003 Steelwerks
Little Chiken News letter

2000 Studio for cell animation concordia
1999 fine arts and Studio arts Concordia
1998 Graphic design 101 Concordia

1997-1994 Ottawa years

Mercury lounge  97,96 (Benoit the AD:)
Shadow Lounge
some cafe in hull (?)
Manx Pub
Carl Davis
Garret’s house
Enriched Bread Artists Studio
Gallery 101 Small Art Fest
Saw Gallery 60 minute painting fest, mail art, Tim Dallet
Tommy Tango (weekly Live Painting)
Phart/Galactic Spaz (w kitten ling)
Pennies from Heaven
Darcy and Katherine @ Dalhousie//  the Smut Show
Coffe shoppe Caterers on Canal

i think i forgot a few….

1992  Savana DeVille’s Store

1990 painting at ottawa art school

1988-1991 high school art class

1988  gross anatomy biology class for smart alec childrens.



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