Lily Butter ~ Artist Statement 2011

Artist’s Statement INSERT HERE i just like my friends and their bodies are neat and i like to go through people fridges and junk drawers and medicine cabinets. I’m not doing anything bad, i just like all the colors and shapes. I’m a sensation addict, i follow the most beautiful people and the ones who aflutter best and are funnest to chase and I try to capture the experience while staying in motion to keep up with them. My art is also my way that i can capture […]

Lily Butter ~ Artist Bio 2011

Official Bio Spring 2011 Lily Butter is a Proud Member of the Art School Drop Outs, The Rethinkers, and identifies as Peer of the New Maximalist. When people ask her what she Paints she usually sez:”charmingly unsettling Genre paintings and Portraiture that Looks like they came out of a really cool comic book.” Butter’s paintings are obsessed with human bodies navigating their own incongruity in environments of attention deficit clutter-philia evoking narrative back-story and affection for her subjects that is as esoteric as peeling onions. Some of her paintings […]

Lily Butter ~ Artist Bio 24.10.011

Artist Biography Lillian Butter has spent the last 10 years Travelling North America, Documenting the Loves and Lives of her Favourite Edge and Outsider Charectors. Drawing from a long and rich classical Art Tradition of taking prostitutes and Punks and Queers and  Unemployed Artsy Trash as Muses, Butters Multimedia Illustration attempts to take intimate snap shots of chaos and render them with meticulous Attention Deficit to Detail. The Porn and Pickups art show will also present several large format “Ultra-Illustrations” made in a special hybrid painting drawing Techniq […]