Femmeldehyde 2012

  EXTERNAL LINK EXTERNAL LINK 2 LBL MIRROR FEMMELDEHYDE issue 3 PDF MIRROR   ATTEMPTING TO COPY TEXT OFF AN ONLINE PDF   LILY BUTTER Technology and technological advancements are made possible through the magic of science, of course. So when a friend referred me to the very technological and highly revered Scientartist Lily Butter, I thought, who better to consult for this issue? Miss Butter not only makes scientological art, but is also deeply immersed and affluent in the discipline thanks to Popular Science magazine. She was “perfectly articulated, […]


I’m trying to find as many of my PICTURES WITH STORIES i can find. Myself and one my my favouritest Art Collector friends are putting out the Lily Butter Land Book. there will be only 2 copies this printing. future printings will probably happen about mid 2013 (and hopefully I can find someone to print distro this for me cuz otherwise she’ll be only available for $70 for a 100 page hard cover LBL book . I’m limited by some of my older scans of art that the […]


SUSTAINABLE RISK PLAY [May. 29th, 2012|09:15 pm] [ Tags | bad people who do good things, dating advice, drugs, sex ] ULTRA BIG VERSION The Burnett Is Mike; Hes pretty much your typical Greasy Low bagger Cocky Slacker claims he works construction but mostly he just hangs out. The Platinum Blonde is my Friend Cale; before he turned 25 two years he had a long history of being an androgenous art punk with a face full of piercings and no eyebrows. Today he’s matured in to an obviously soft tom […]