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This is the Butter Navigation Preview Site Explorer ! Site Content Sections will shuffle by on this POST SLIDER. To select a section you would Like To visit Click on the RED Subject Heading and you will be transported  to that Menu. Use the 2 Arrow Keys in the top right corner to See! more menu Options << >> ♫♪ Welcome to Lily Butter Land ♫♪  [singlepic id=72 w=320 h=320 float=center] [singlepic id=73 w=320 h=320 float=center]

Welcome to Lily Butter Land

Welcome to Lily Butter Land We are under Construction Click here for The Main Gallery Lots more content to come soon !! In the Meantime I Invite you to Look around at The Raw Contents here Now In this current version of the site you will find plenty of information about Lily Butter’s Fine art Career including Art show Listings, Artist Statements and Bios, Show Reviews, Studio tours, and lots of Sample Galleries. Click here for The Main Gallery Over 99 images! Everything from Mini Comic Book to […]