Church Street Murals Project

Church Street Murals Project

Back Stage at UltraChurch

Lily Butter Land

My mural Proposal is to create a very busy ambitious busy and captivating portrait of over 5 dozen character likenesses of well known Church Street nightlife denizens of the Past 50 years. The people, culture and community I’m depicting are the Queens Queers Oddballs Club Kids and Party Monsters who have always been the Bell Weather Trend Setters and most colorful stand out creatures yet often the most maligned and misunderstood haunts of the fringes of the Village scene.The Portrait will be set in a Large busy backstage area of an imaginary ULTRA nightclub collecting bits and pieces of over a dozen clubs around the village from the past 50 years.  The Clubs I draw my inspiration from Include Goodhandy’s/120club, Crews&Tangos, Woodies, Zipperz, and Several Clubs now Long since Closed including Manatee, Komrads, Playground.

I’ve Given my Project the Working Title Back Stage at Ultra Church to Invoke the Idea of a Church Street Club that is a fantastic mix of many Church Clubs from all corners of our collective subconscious   The composition will feature as many as 50 diverse and infamous people who left a lasting stamp on performance drag art and worked to create parties and spaces to champion fun sexy parties and bring us together as a fun loving late night sexually diverse community.

My first Choice for a wall is the Lane beside HoTeamStylist. The Wall is Brick with a thick coat of paint, about 40 feet long and over 12 high. This is one of the Longest uninterrupted street level walls Meaning that People can interact with the piece like a conventional painting. It is both easily accessible and also out of the way being a lane right of church street to no where in particular. I am personally very entranced by the idea of creating such an epic and complex mural of over 50 most important figures of church nightlife underground that is hidden in plain site.



Lily Butter Land Studio Production Plan



Back Stage at Ultra Church is a very large complicated Piece yet simpler to create than it sounds. The most difficult part will be creating the source illustration to work with which I began March 19th and expect to be drawing until the end of April. Upon commencing Painting, myself and a team of 2 others will enlarge the piece in sections using a method similar to the studio practice by witch I regularly create hyper detailed 4×8 foot paintings in studio. Back Stage at Ultra Church will be assembled on site in a giant collage method. First the wall must be completely primed and prepped. I’m anticipating working on the brick texture so a thick coat of primer is critical. Then Using a digital projector i will rough in the background and approximate character placements. Every single character in the mural will start from a separate portrait drawn B&W by hand at 11×14 scale. These will be enlarged to near life size and printed relatively inexpensively by @ThePrintHouse and Glued to the bricks using untinted transparent exterior latex.  This method makes it easy to draw 50 people almost life size at a busy party together. My self and 2 other accomplished skilled artists will then spend a month coloring it in with latex paints and I will be ever floats back and forth across the entire mural doing fine detail touch ups with an assortment of self priming brush pens {like the Pentel brush pen and Pentel waterpigment pen} additional finishing touches textures and back ground done mostly by myself working from a very portable art back pack  will allow me to nit pick all the details and unify the visual style.


Portfolio ~ Sketches for 50 most Unforgettable Party People

I only Started work on this on Wednesday, Coming soon !
Contact me for more details

Portfolio 1 ~ Samples of My Ongoing Party People Sketch Book

I have been drawing and painting portraits of Toronto Downtown Late Night Party People Since 2009. Tho this is Not my official sketches for UltraChurch, Several of These Characters may find their way in to my Back Stage.

The following paintings average about 2 feet in size and take me less than 48 hours to complete.

Nina Arsenault  2013

Lexi Tronic 2013

Joey Wargachuck 2013

Judy Virago 2012

Connie Lingua 2012

Kylie Storm 2013

Original Ink for Baked Alaska.  18×24 2013

This is a great example of my Techniq For painting on top of Illustration to Create High Detail Works very Quickly.

Baked Alaska  2013 18×24

Sybil Lamb  18×24 2013

Portfolio 2 ~ Samples of Interiors

The Following Works show Busy Interior Figurative Narrative Scenes.
Please note my preferred color techniques.
Back Stage at Ultra Church will feature a mostly Yellow Ocre and Burnt Umber Background. The Characters in the Piece will be about 25% tonally Lighter and much more colorful.
This is my formula for creating detail rich High saturation Bold Contrast Works that Delight instead of Exhausting the Eye.

For Back Stage at Ultra Church I am working from my own Photos of the DJ booth at Buddies, The Dressing room at Buddies, The back Stage of Goodhandy’s, the Side Stage nook of Crews, and Archival pix of Manatee and Komrads.

Sidney in the Fire Exit 2012 11×17″

Termite Nest 2011 18×24″

Princess of Peas  2013  18×24″

Woning Van Bloed ~ Meiden Achter Raam 21 // Sketch for the Amsterdam Painting 2012 18×24″




Portfolio 3 ~ Samples of My Large High Detail Hybrid Painting Drawings

The Following Pieces demonstrate my Multimedia Process creating Hyper Detailed Pictures up to 11 feet wide. Click on any image to view at high resolution.

This first image represents one third of my 11 foot wide painting of a fight at an Amsterdam Brothel 2012. The differences between the figure and background color are most similar to my design for Back Stage at Ultra Church.

The full 11 foot wide image {in production}

Smoking 4evr 2012 4×6 feet

made from over 35 seperate drawing collaged together on computer
Time it took to create the 35 drawings: a month
Time it took to create the final 6×4 foot painting: 4 days

The Venus/Mars Wars

Painting commemorating the 5000 year war between Venus and Mars
Time it took to create the original drawings: 9 days
Time it took to create the final 4×5 foot painting: 3 days

for more information on my Large Format Paintings Click here

Church Street Mural Partial Equipment List


HP laptop
WonderWall Mini Digital Projector
Epson High Res 2500 lumen 350 inch focal Projector
Canadian tire light duty Residential paint sprayer
ruff duty air brush {?}

10 foot Step Ladder
5 foot Step Ladder
Mini 1 tier Scaffold

Resealable 1 gallon craft buckets
Bulk Shop Rags
Large Brushes and Painting hardware
2 runner canvas drop cloth

4 gallon latex primer
4 gallons of background paint
4 gallon untinted Latex
one dozen  pints of TriaAcrylic



By Matt Mills – On Feb 5, 1981, 30 years ago, more than 150 Toronto police desce..




Original Church Murals Submission Package

of the PAST 50 YEARS
of Toronto Village//Queer Late night Parties


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