NEW! Epic Drawings Gallery !!!

Epic Maximalist Drawings
GIANT HIGH DETAIL PICTURES ~ Studio Process Pix ~ Amazing Deatils ! And MORE !!


Hello :)This is Automatic Friendly NEWS of The Website

My New Gallery EPIC DRAWINGS features 137 new images to View !Plus I have some new Functionality for YOU !My newest Gallery includes 1024px image bounds so ever Pictures is crisply high detailed For Maximum Blow Up to Look great at any Resolution on even Big Monitors
SECTION TITLE PAGES allow you to easily navigate my New SUBFOLDERS options.

 Plus New Header Nav, SocialMedia Set to Maximum, Improved embedded Image profiles Including Mapping, and Numerous other Cosmetic Tweaks make your Online Art Browsing A more Fullfilling Experience for your ORGANIC SATISFACTION !

I Hope Your Emotions Like IT !Here is Lillian Butter To Tell you about these new 137 new jpgs :D


Thank you LBL.This took all freakin day to do but LBL’s new gallery features are actually pretty neat. She has some freaky options Im still learning how to activate.

For instance, the Subjects in the Pictures now have access to LBL_logs and they have a crude understanding of you being an individual who is some how not-a-jpg-but-still-a-complex-individual.

Y’all cant interact yet….. yet… Im still learning the program.

MOSTLY THO THIS IS a whole other giant gallery nested inside the other gallery nested in side the main gallery !there are 2 really consistently fun things about LilyButterLand

1. I spent a decade capturing the dark crazy weirdness of the nomadic raffish tortured geniuses of North America.

2. I Enjoy crafting Ultra images with Details wrapped in secrets and an eye for Intimate clutter and Meaningfull Mess.EPICDRAWING GALLERYis a Gallery I Made about me Being ONE OF MY BIGGEST FANS and its a collections of Details and Process Pix and Old Skecthes and Other Versions and Not only is EpicDrawing Me at my ArtG33kiest, But It actually works !!!!

~Butter xxx♥


PS: I Told LBL She can have her very own Faceboook Accnt. But she needs me to help her with ennabling her built in email client thing and She has Better copies of Most of the Images off my laptop allready plus like 22Mgs of brains… Mostly I’m just not letting her be UNSUPERVISED until I fine tune her a wee bit more…..