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Due to a chronic pain condition, the unusually hot climate (my studio is not air-conditioned), and unexpected time constraints of other art projects to which I had committed, I have completed only 8 of the originally proposed 13 paintings in the series. However, all other elements of the original proposal have been completed as planned. I have also expanded the series to include an additional 4 paintings which will bring the final total to 17.

Remaining Paintings to be Completed:

Vermillion Hespeller-Galt (Cambridge)
NephaniRose (Waterloo)
Cayt National Gallery of Canada Pinball (Ottawa-National Gallery)

The Stabby Pizza Girls (London)
Bunny Falls (St. Catherines)
Ana Joli Hammer (Hamilton)
The Windsor Hum (Windsor-Riverfront West)
Karla Ray (Barrie)
Ximmy (Peterborough)

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Completed 8 large maximalist paintings of transgender women among their various Ontario cityscapes of residence. 

4 paintings were done with ink and acrylic and 4 with oils.

Ink and Acrylic:
Mellos Diner 1982 (Ottawa-Dalhousie Stroll) (7’x6′)
London Lee (Toronto-Kensington Market) (3.8’x6′)
Miss Ambassador Bridge (Windsor-Riverfront North) (7’x5.5′)
Inxy Tentacle (Toronto-Dundas Square) (4.5’x6′)

Rachelsaurus (Stratford) (4’x3′)
Alaskantaka Sonic Titan (Toronto-Bloordale) (4’x3.5′)
Small Beauty (Dundas) (4’x4′)
Kim OC Transpo Rideau Center (Ottawa-Byward Market) (4’x4′)

– Completed 16 Collected Sketches and Illustrations – See “Materials Produced”

– Made available for sale prints and postcards through http://lilybutterland.com/home/transontario

– Exhibited series paintings at:

Willistead Manor Art Walk, June 1-2 2018, Windsor
Biblioasis Bookstore/Walkerville Art Walk, July 21 2018-ongoing, Windsor
Artistic Abominations3 at Seascape Bar, Sept 1 2018, Toronto
Schomberg Street Art Walk, Sept 16 2018, Schomberg (Forthcoming)
UNIT 2, January 2019, Toronto (Forthcoming)

– Purchases with grant funds include:

Canvas – $350
Gesso – $100
Brushes – $100
Hardware, easel – $250
Artist Fees – $5500
Travel through Ontario meeting project models in their home cities- $1200

Materials Produced

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Image Key:

01-08: Finished Paintings
09-17: Original Sketches of Finished Paintings
18-24: Illustrations for Forthcoming Paintings
25-31: Examples of OAC Attribution for Project at Shows and on Web/Social Media

With further regards to OAC Attribution—Beginning with the Unit 2 show in Toronto on January 2019, which will mark the first event exclusively centered around this project, I will design a colour pamphlet explaining the origins of the project with detailed descriptions of each paintings. The OAC logo will appear prominently on the pamphlet and be distributed at every showing of the series thereafter.


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