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Sybil Lamb works as a self-styled underground documentarian of the rare and beautiful characters of underground and edge culture, the recording angel of a particular milieu All rendered in her instantly recognizable uncanny proto maximalismist Hyper Detailed Graphic Style.

She is best known for illustrating AND writing books especially her punk rock memoir 2014 novel I’ve Got A Time Bomb  and the cover of Casey Plett’s Award winning LITTLE FISH, her art has also appeared in books and magazines with Arsenal Pulp Press, Canadian Notes and Queries, Stacked Deck Press, Heartspark Press, Topside Press, TSQ duke university press, Vice Magazine, novelist Torrey Peters, and the occasional gig poster or tattoo. Her Fine aRt Paintings have been exhibited and collected in galleries and tent shows in Toronto, Ottawa, New York, New Orleans and more.

Highlights includes Creating a 91 foot long mural of toronto drag history for world pride 2014, a 35 city book tour with Casey Plett and Topside in 2014 and her her upcoming 2020 children’s book with Arsenal Pulp press THE GIRL WHO WAS CONVINCED BEYOND ALL REASON THAT SHE COULD FLY.
She did bunch of weird performance art and noise punk stuff 1994-2008

She Spends a super disproportionate amount of time working on her web comic of over a decade THE LOST LITTLE GIRL SHOW
When Not Arting she might be doing half assed gardening or discount renovations. Born in Ottawa, a drop out of Concordia U Montreal, , She now lives in an attic in Sandwich Town, Windsor, Ontario.

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Sybil Lamb works as a self-styled underground documentarian of the rare and beautiful characters of underground and edge culture, the recording angel of a particular milieu. She wrote and illustrated the 2014 novel I’ve Got A Time Bomb and lives in an attic in Sandwich Town, Windsor, Ontario.


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The Lost Little Girl Show ~ Comix stories songs and worse much worse !!

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“Like Egon Schiele having a cameo in Tank Girl”

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Sybil Lamb Artist Bio Art Statement 170717

Trans Ontario OAC working Artist 2017-2018
With Casey Plett ~ The Topside Press Trans Vanguard 2014

 Magic UnRealism // Surrealism vs Subrealism // PostRetro Humanism// Neu Lowbrow
Graphic Novel // Garbage SciFi // PinUp // Comix

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For over a decade Lamb has worked as a self-styled underground documentarian of the rare and beautiful characters of underground and edge culture, the recording angel of a particular milieu. Her detail obsessed scenes and hyper articulated portraits collect stories and characters from all around North America to document the lives and cultures of Nomadic Squatter Punks, the many facets of historied yet evolving extremes Trans-culture, And the modern Artists and Inventors Underground.  A keen Sense of Modern Graphic Design drawing with Bold Lines and Colors create ultra-detailed alternate worlds, upon examination every limb and object has seemingly been drawn from overly enthusiastic memory. Like a dream about what happened just before you fell asleep Lamb is at once familiar yet somehow more, invoking the viewer on multiple levels with a recognizable yet “otherly” visual semantix. Her Detail obsessed narrative genre scenes told in a high resolution vision of high contrast over saturated color contrast her chaotic, elusive and gritty subject matter. Thusly Lamb uses her studio method to turn unlikely people and settings in to something in between cartoons, diagrams, and graphic design.  Lamb perfects the formula for magical realism; upon perusing any number of Lambs deeply imaginistic images It becomes evident that there is a highly personalised coded richly woven tapestry of mythos of girls demons, punks, robots, spare parts, and clues hidden in trash infesting all her work at the granular level.


Statement of Artistic Practice

Lamb’s work is Modern Genre Painting made from contemporary Illustration and is implicitly made by a diverse pallet of studio media. Fine Art made for Walls include Hybrid-Paintings incorporating Print and Illustration in their production. She is a very skilled and Prolific Illustrator and by using a collection of  miscellaneous surplus print and computer techniques can organize and compose an ever growing collection of hand drawn images into Maximalist Detail filled compositions full of attention demanding character and narrative. She exhibits paintings and drawing crafted from her personal collection of images and sells originals and prints at several galleries and from her website. Lamb has been fascinated by print and graphic design technology since ever, Self-publishing and distributing a variety of formats of artistic books and zines since the 90s, most recently cumulating in  Publishing an Illustrated Novel in 2014, and acquisition of a spacious studio house in Windsor On, a Large Format Printer, and a well tooled workshop. Her output runs from rich hand framed painting to print media of every size. Current projects include a new silk screen Setup

Ultra Church Mural
Nov 2013

“The painting illustrates this stunning scenes and delicious style, which captures details. It creates a sense of place and feeling and you can smell and even taste these strange scenes that only Lamb can have.  Lamb’s talent makes the grotesque and stunning painful beauty of her paintings; not a surprise; but; I still found myself stunned in the presence of her paintings.”

                             ~Hugo Ares LCCA,Toronto

[Her Work] seem to reflect the musings of a fantastic and tortuous imagination—or so we thought until her subjects showed up en masse at her opening, revealing once and for all that Lamb is actually a realist

~Bookhardt, NOLA

…A hyper smoothie of cyber-punk / crust-punk doom and glee.

~Haley Markbreiter,

 …Magical logic defying and Deeply moving

~Hugh Ryan , Vice

  …A Home Made Explosive Device

~Strange Horizons Magazine

SYBIL LAMB  Personal Bio 20170117

Sybil Lamb

Sybil Lamb Has Been fringes of the underground with a special kind of intimate access that no other artist could possibly get. Her arts present a mesmerising kaleidoscopic view of the world in over driven color and micro details that taunt the edge of human vision. She Is best Known for her Books of illustrated writing  she has toured across north america with TOPSDIEPRESS 2014-2017 Promoting Trans Lit and Creating the much Loved ADVENTURES OF STERILE AMERIKA serials.  She is recognized world wide for Trannypunk Propeganda 1995-2008 which was not about encouraging anybody to join any inscrutable underground sex change cult.

Her earliest art sale was 1992 when she got 500 bux to paint skulls all over a goth punk gift shop in ottawa. her Early paintings were shown in nearly 2 dozen venues in Ottawa Gatineau from Gallery 101, to Carl Davis Gallery, to the Mercury Lounge curated by Benoit. In 1994-1997 She Teamed up With Silk Screen Artist CHLOE SCUM to create an art and performance event that brought the ottawa weirdo community together in a different weird way every other month.  In 1999 She moved to Montreal, dropped out of Concordia Arts, concordia animation, and concordia graphic design, completing no exams and instead disappearing for a few years. From 2005 to 2008 she founded and administered the TERMITE & VINE Artist’s and Musicians Homesteaders Studio Collective Co-operative Association in New Orleans Louisiana to house/studio several dozen traveling artists. In NOLA she was DISCOVERED Collected and Shown by Barristers Gallery of the St Claude Gallery Dist. It was also while in NOLA she Trained in parade float construction with Julian Stock and Volunteered behind the scenes as Tech at MISS ROCKAWAY ARMADA. She lead a 6 person team to create a garbage noise rock and roll performance group The Cult of The Little Lambs Trash Noise Rock Band 2008.

In 2009 after a long winter living in Oakland CA, after several months living in a tree house or the now infamous and the LOW MAINTENANCE Perfectly Normal Art Bus 2009, she Moved semi-home to Toronto and spent 2 years as an assistant party Hostess occasionally using her parade float training to make props for multiracial performance art prog rock opera group Yamantaka//Sonic Titan. In 2011 she returned to NOLA for 2 months to have a blow out solo retrospective at BARRISTERS GALLERY, and while in town crafted an ANIMATRONIC ROBOT GOAT SKELETON 038 that was presented at the piety iron market AUTOMATON FESTIVAL.

By 2012 she Established BUTTER LAND ART STUDIO and sold small paintings and drawings at art tent sales and several small outsider galleries. In 2013 she won a contract with the toronto gay village to paint a 90 foot long group portrait mural of the 50 most unforgettable party people of toronto village history for WORLDPRIDE2014 . She Also Contributed art to CATIE‘s HIV vs  PrEP awareness project. In 2014 She got all famous from publishing a 350 page illustrated punk rock road trip novel I’VE GOT A TIME BOMB with TOPSIDE PRESS. She and Author CASEY PLETT toured the whole united states and canada twice doing book readings and presentations and it Worked out so awesome that they moved in together to this day.  In Early 2014 she contributed character design  storyboard for BIPOLARBEAR PRODUCTION‘s TIKI ISLAND, which was ultimately rejected by Adult Swim. Undaunted, Lamb spent the next few years retooling her studio adding computer and print media gear.  From 2012 to 2016 she was  one of the core group of underground toronto Artists untied around the SUPERWONDERGALLERY scene.

2017 Lamb is focussing her energies on her ever growing LAMBY ART PRINT SHOP, Remastering and reworking her own images for her Print catalog  and Illustration for Books, taking advantage of her own Print shop and Print on demand book services. She has new short stories published by Topside and Stangehouse press.  Her New Studio HOUSE OF LAMB, SANDWICH Located in Sandwich Towne Ontario includes a well tooled workshop for hand made frames and stuff. Her rekindled love for Ontario will continue to cameo in more of her works.  Her 2017 projects Include the 13th anniversary of THE LOST LITTLE GIRL SHOW comic book which will be previewed in an anthology  with STACKED DECK PRESS, creating illustrations for a densely illustrated “children’s book” THE GIRL WHO BELIEVED BEYOND ALL REASON THAT SHE COULD FLY, and her ongoing love of doing Ink/acrylic pinUp portraits of Sultry Ladies eating junk food.




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Lillian Butter has spent like twenty years traveling without a plan or a map tracing a squiggly line through the Punk Rock Crack Pot 2-bit- Evil Scientists and every possible Incongruous Underworld Militant Party Hostesses and Art School Drop Out Cultists All the while collecting important parts from their doomsday machines.

All her art is exactly the kind of art that SuperVillains own in really cool Graphic Novels.

She has really Turned a “Charmingly Unsettling” fascination with the Unspeakable with Attention Deficit Disordered Hyper Obsession is to a nice healthy positive thing. She is also a Great Investment and the Value of her Art Keeps Going up and Up.

She has been in lots a art shows and magazines and has a messy studio in toronto. Etc etc etc…

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Artists statement:
For over 20 years she has been a Notorious Deluge of Paintings and Illustration that often conspicuously feature a rag tag cast of young Misfits rockers Oddballs and cute Monsters and obsessive love to detail modified physiques. Operating a busy art studio, showing in galleries and selling at the Art Fairs of Toronto since 2009, born in Ottawa she has also left her mark on New Orleans Montreal and SF/Oakland. Her work is sold at a number of Galleries in Toronto and around the Continent
Her work has been featured at Ryerson University 2014, Gallery 1313 2014, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2014, contemporary pop art factory SuperWonderGallery 2012-2014, Hangman Gallery 2013, The Gladstone Hotel 2013, Gallery Videofag 2013, Morgan Page’s and Michael Mackid’s Projects at Buddies in Bad Times 2012, Come As You Are 2011, Ridgefield Guild of Artists gender odyssey 2011, Patrick John Mills Gallery 2010-2011, and Unit2 2011 . From 2005 to 2008 she founded and administered the Termite & Vine Artist’s and Musicians Homesteaders Studio Collective Co-operative Association in New Orleans Louisiana and was Collected and Shown by Barristers Gallery. Trained in parade float construction by Julian Stock from Royal Floats, she has Moonlighted a tech for giant group sculpture performance projects including Rockaway Armada 2007, The Cult of The Little Lambs Trash Noise Rock Band 2008, and the LOW MAINTENANCE Art Bus 2009.
See!! her Portraits of North American Traveling Strippers and Punk Rock Freight Train Culture, 91 foot longCommissioned Historical Portraits Mural for the Church Wellesley Village/ World Pride 2014, 11 foot wide tryptich depicting a “Window Girl” fight in Amsterdam, created images for the CATIE Toronto‘s 2014-15 safe cruising with HIV PEP and PrEP campaign, and contributed character and concept design for  Bipolarbear Production’s TIKI ISLAND animated cartoon, on her Epicly Enormous Website