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SybilLamb_Exhibitions Catalog_2010-2017


2017, Elephant Shoe, Cherry Lemon Lime, Ransack the universe,Toronto



2017 Grackle Gallery, Amanda Grackle, Shomburg ON

[NEW HAND RETOUCHED PRINTS, Steer Cuts, Steer Cuts BLUE, AmsterdamWindow4, Edith MAssey Sedgwick, Between Parked Cars, Sideny In the Fire Exit, Tandem Friends, The Lake, Kitty Ashtray, Myki’s Treehouse,Grackle Biscotti }




2016 Super Duper, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
{ Goddess of Lights, Devil in her Sack ]


2016 Super TRASH, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
{ Fire Breathing Electric Cat ]


2016 Grackle Gallery, Amanda Grackle, Shomburg ON

{Miss Lamb Burger (red 2013), Miss Scream, Suzi Yangrade, wanna be friends,  Panties, O! , FISHY  pink dress, Lily Butter Laboratoruium, Princess Peachario, Lost Little Girl Show Having Fun cover, Lost Little Girl Show, JUDY ( x Y x ), REGULAR (chips)
Inxy Bincubary, Nina Aspertamw, Blygt (teen tgirl hooker), Cherry Vanilla Motel, Lamb Soda Car  Wash beer wine icecream, eXHAUST 1 (burrito), eXHAUST 2 (fatigue), PINUP Lamb, Miss Lamb w Pen, Build your Own Interdimensional , Road House Warrior, Mutiny of the Pirate scow, Super Butter, Window Girl4, Kiki Goth kittn
Lighning bolt War Machine}


2016 The Raw and the cooked,  Barristers Gallery New Olreans
{Venus Vs Mars *2}




2015 Grackle Gallery, Amanda Grackle, Shomburg ON

{SEPTEMDER 2015 MOVING SALE , Creamer, Nina Narcissist (on the Treadmill), Allison with flowing red hairi, Tandem Friends,, Norville shag Rogers, , Gas Station Wine (Sybil and Athena on the road) , Robot Hookers, Out the Window in Amsterdam, Eat Led Deliverdy (Pink Shorts in the House), Castle Bitchin’ (Tennessee), Map of Consolidated Nations of Northern Amerika , The Last Star (Fightin’ over drugs), Cherry Vanilla (us in bed), Moderate Risk Valley (Motorbike Guys), Super Butter (3-armed Sybil), Sidney vs. Sissy (Fireman Carry), 1192@5:15 (Two peeps doin drugs outside in b&w), Rapid Petting (testing red lightbulb in finger)b, Satina and the Dark Angel BBQ, Fishy Stripy Dress, Wendigo (Deer-Monster Eating Underwear), Pirate Ship, Workin’ on the Truck,  Scream, Appalachian Vampire (Saber-toothed Sybil eating the heart out of an anima;),  Sze Lam (doin’ the splits), Princess Peach-ario, Psychedelic Train Tracks, War Empress of Venus (LGB Helmet), Franny and Edie on the Ridge, Lamby vs. Teenage Lamb, Inks B Inkuberry, Hair Clips, The Angel Lily Black (Coat Hanger Red Sneakers), Ziploc Bag, Edith Massey Sedgewick (girl hanging out in mottled-ish background), Lexi vs. Nina (red background girls fighting), The Letter B, Double Ride (lil motorbike print), Nina Narcissist Lil (print of her on exercise bike), XU, Fishy Stripy Dress (lil print), Termite Nest (Glasses Girl in Room), Peeing Between Cars (damaged), IHate My Doll, Bike Thief (with scraggled mustache), Hammer, Pink Leopard Print Nightie, Devi Lever (Glasses with Red Background), After Hour Cult, Lyre Bird, Angel Raven and the Last Ticket, Orange Juice, Castle Bitchin’ in Frame, Stupid Bitch Mafia, Lost Little Girl Show, Jackie Loren, Lamby Pie, Lexi Burger (Brunette), Kiki Burger (Blonde), Star Dispenser, Appalachian Vampire Girl Model , The Lake, ANYTHING ELSE 9×12, ANYTHING ELSE little and tiny


2015_Sybil Lamb Sells all Her Art for $20, UNIT 2  Toronto, ON

{Kooka Burger, Interdimensional Modulator, Pirate Hulk, Spray Germs, Sze Lam, Hammer hairclip, Fire Tiger Leopard, LLGS HFPG, Laboratorium, North Amerika, Pencil Shavings, Regular,  Tandem Friends, Tiki Island, Regular 2 , Bermuda Triangle, Cry Princess, Hairclips, Box of Germs, Nina Aspertame, Nina Narcisist, DeviLever, Lost Title card, All My Problems Look Like Nails, Butter ride,  Princess Peachario, Ziplock 2 , ….. more..}


2015,, HOTEL CALIFORNIA Cherry Lemon Lime, CIRO’s Bistro ,Toronto
(Ziplockbag 2, Princess Peachario, Hairclips, DeviLever, Ride em Butter, All My Problems Loook Like Nails, Lost Title Card, Nina Aspertame, Spray Germs, Lost HFPG, Laboratorium, Regular, Pencil Shavings, Fire Tiger leopard, Hairclip hammer, Suzi Lam, Interdimensional, Kooka Burger, Tandem Friends, Prison hulk}



2015 Arturo Vega Tribute Show, Moffat and Bain, Videofag

{ Justo y Necessario ~ Arturo Vega }


2015 Toronto Outdoor Art Expo, Toronto

{Bermuda Triangle, Rappid Petting, Duchess of Arts, Kiki Lamb, Queen of Venus, Lamby Vs Pussy, Syb Maybe and Cake, Laboratorium, Female Musculear Nude, Orange Juice, Appalacian Mountain Vampire, Inxy Bincuberry, Wendigo, Sally and Franny White, Mountain Vampire<3,Rapid Petting, 10000 foot Lamby, Regular, CHEESE BORD CAR RDIE, Exhaust 1 Exhaust2, Fire Tiger,   }


2015 Super War, Christian Aldo,SuperWonderGallery, Toronto

{ Lightning Bolt Battle Tank },


2015 Super Naughty 3, Christian Aldo,SuperWonderGallery, Toronto

{ Why Love S, Sex bots, Regular, Knife fight, Creamer, Lil bows},


2015 Super SciFi, Christian Aldo,SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
{Venus Vs MArs *2]


2015 Super TRASH, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
{ CheezySplats ]


2015 Super Retro TV, Christian Aldo,SuperWonderGallery, Toronto

{Norville Shag Roberts}

2015 10×10 Drawathon, Gladstone hotel, 10×10 art show _James Fowler
{series of 24 10×10 illustrations drawn 1 per hour for 24 hours)


2015 Grackle Gallery, Amanda Grackle, Shomburg ON

{Angel Last Ticket, Lily Black, Duchess Burger, Sally and Franny, Appalacian Mountain Vampire, Kiki burger, The Girl who was Convinced Beyond all Reason that she could Fly, Star Twist, Muscular female nude, Double Ride, 38inch iron rod, DIY surgery, Judy Veggy dog, Gas Can, Termite Nest, Fire Smoking, Jakie Loren, Scream, Anti Date, Alive, Devi Lever, Princess Peachario, Dent, StarSoda, Super Butter, Wendigo, Fancy, Angie Wosniochzek, Miss Love, Nina Narcicist, Syb sissy Firman, Ryan G, Lily Butter, Fight Porn, Tango, Edith Massey, Suzi Lam, Orange Juice, Quen of Venus, Lost Title Card, Gia Metric Lil Bows, Whisky Love Story, DIY Surgery, Big Meat Print, Pecking Order Knife Fight, Kiki Burger, Candy Burger, Fight Porn Star66, Blonde Burnette }


2015 Multiple Shows, Heather Bain, Ryerson University, Toronto



2015 Akasha Art Gallery—Untitled: The Practice of Identity II curated by Mia Raicevic,
Toronto, ON (“Dashboard Altar”)

2015 Hamilton Pride, Poe Libertad,Home Ground, Hamilton

{Whisky love Story, Kooka burger, Kiki Burger, Diy surgery, Regular, Rapid Petting, Super Butter Nina narcicist, Creamer, }




2014 Super Sci Fi, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
{Cyborg Murder Lamb}


2014 Super big top, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
{ Fire Breathing Electric Cat ]


2014 Grackle Gallery, Amanda Grackle, Shomburg ON


2014 Million Dollar Monster, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto

[Devil Girl going through her Purse, Mermaid Vs Boat]


2014 Toronto Outdoor Art Expo, Toronto

{Eat Led, Bike Theif, Princess Peachario, Suzi lam, Got u a Time bomb, Zack and Monkey Rock, Fight Porn, Syb sissy Firmena, Incongruous After Hours,  super Butter, Anti Date, Kiki burger, Duchess burger, Gas can, Hairclip, LLGS RealGOLD, Amsterdam Window4, Naked Double Ride, Queen of Venus, Tango, appalacian mountain Vampire }


2014 Gallery 1313, Latino Canadian Cultural Association, Toronto

{diy SURGERY, }


2014 Riverdale Art Walk, Artist Network, Toronto

{Todd Klink, Angie Wosniowchzek, Devil Lever, Lily Black, Queen of Venus, Syb sissy Fireman, Super Butter, Eat Led, Jackie Loren, Princess Peachario, Miss Scream, Tango, Got You a Time Bomb, Dent, Fancy, Double ride, Wendigo, Musculear Female Nude, Super Butter, Window4,  Hairclip, Kiki Burger, Duchess burger, Appalacian Mountain Vampire, Ryan G, Lost Title Card, Miss Love,  Nina Narcicism, Monkey Feces Fire, Anti Date, Lily Butter, Mermaid,vs Sailors}

2014 Queen West Art Crawl

{ Sea Gull, Lost Hammer, Last Star, Riki tik, Ultra Bar, Koffee, Klovenirsburgwal, Veloren Meiden, Window Girl 21, Russel West, Achterburgwal, CHURCH dressing room, ULTRA DJ Booth, Super Butter, Window Girl 4, Baked Alaska, Miss Storm, Cheezy Spalt, LXXX,]


2014 Ryerson Troubling Masculinities , Heather Bain, Ryerson University, Toronto

{Amsterdam Klovenirsburgwal }




2013 Riverdale Art NORTH, Artist Network, Toronto

{Alaska Selfie, Cheezy Splats, Miss Storm}, Nina Narcicism, Miss Love, Incongrous After Hours, Ryan G Hynds, Termite Nest, Bike Theif , nina Aspertame, Double Ride, Devi Lever, Princess Peachario, Science Pliers, Judy Virago, Lost Girl, Magic Wand Avacado, GiaMetric, Lil Butter, Mister Plum}


2013 Super Trash , Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto

{Hot Dog Trash}


2013 Ryerson Troubling Masculinities , Heather Bain, Ryerson University, Toronto

{1192@5:15 }


2013 Super Super Super, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto

{Super Butter, Nina Aspertame, Lexi Punk, Miss Love}


2013 SUPER NAUGHTY, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto

{Juice Box, Amsterdam Window4, Hot Dog Trash, Miss Storm, Nina Narcicist, The Last Star}


2013 Thats So Gay// Say It to my Face, Elisha Lim, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

{Amsterdam Windowgirl4, Amsterdam KlovernirsBurgwal, Amsterdam Koffee, Hot Dog Trash, Baked Alaska, Miss Storm, Nina Narcicist, Orange Juice, Bunny Girl, Lyre Bird, Princess Peachario,


2013 PINK Elephants, Cherry Lemon Lime, Elephant Shoes, Toronto.ON


2013 Riverdale Art Walk, River Dale Arts Guild, Toronto

{Amsterdam Window 2, Amsterdam Klovenirs Burgwal, Hot Dog Trash, Chealsey Bunns,  Window Girl 4, Meat 1, Meat 2, Angie Wosniowchzec, Miss Storm, Juice Box, Queen of Venus Study, Nina Narcicism, Eat LEd, Stupid Bitch Mafia,  Bloedgratch Acheterburwal, Miss Storm, Lake Ontario, Sidney Fire Exit, Orange Juice, Baked Alaska, Princess Peas, Mandy Goodhandy, Cheezy Spalt }


2013 Where’s the Love AIDS Foundation Fundraiser, Club120,Toronto

{ Smoking Stars }


2013 Gawd Mess Amerika, w. Saurin Galloway, Videofag,Toronto

{ Smoking Stars, Bloodgrtch Achterburgwal, Last Star, JoyRide, Tentacle Beast Boyfriend, Suzi Suicide,Too Fukt 2 tuck, Trans Debate night, Stupid Bitch Mafia, Inter dimensional Modulator, Random Pills, Trifle on Fishy, Lost Title card, Devi Lever, Cowgirl Angie Wosniowchzec, Cowgirl Style, Fire Smoking, Princess of Peas, Meat steak, Meat Turkey Leg, Sidney Fire Exit, Flying Popsicle 9×12, Wargachuk App of Time, Lilybutterland Studio, Venus Vs Mars, sausage sizzle, Sidney’s Room66, Lamby vs Pussy, Inconguous After Hours , eat led, Loki’s Wife, Lost little Girl Show *5pieces Realgold, Lake Ontario 2011, Dalek Lap Dance, Juice Box, Hot Dog Trash, WindowGirls 1, Koffee, Queen of Venus detail, Body Disposal Kit, last swig, KlovenirsBurgwal, Hammer , Wanna Be Friends, Nina Narcicist, Amsterdam window 4, Alaska Baked,

Juice Box. Edie Viscerator, Syb vs Sissy Fireman Carry }


2013 Femmeldehyde3, Artscape Triangle Gallery, Toronto

{ Bike Theif, Fire Swept Algoma, Eat Led, Judy virago, Chopper Bike Flood Battery, the last star, Venus Vs Mars, Smoking stars,  sausage sizzle, Sidney Fire Exit, Trans Debate night, Edie Viscerator, Science pliers, Ziplock bag 2, Body Disposal Kit, Fire Smoking, Gas can,}




2012 Sci-Fi Show, Christian Aldo’s SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
{Venus vs Mars}


2012 PaperGirl @ NuitBlanc, Toronto School of Art, Toronto
{smoking 4 evr TRANSFER  photocopies and sketches}


2012 Michael Mackid’s Pen!s Project, Buddies in Bad Times,Toronto (multiple shows)

{Joy ride, Bloodgratch}


2012 Morgan Page’s T.W.A.T, Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto


2011 Porn and Pickups, Come As You Are, Toronto

{Smoking 4 Evr. 1038@5:15, Baba yaga, Bike Theif,  Judy Virago, Space Time Hole, Special Present, I dont know how to eat with my hands, you dont know how to do this good, Dalek Lapdance, Last Bag, Eat Led, Venus Mars War, Edie Viscerator, Edie Scrapper Bike, Smoking all the stars, Tesno Really, Interdimensional Modulator, Sidney fire Exit, Judy Sausage Sizzle, REAL GOLD SERIES, Key Fob, Lamb hat, 16 Oz of Mushrooms ziplock bag 2,Hello Dolly, Science Pliers, 5 gallons of gas. Body Disposal Kit, SPARE ELECTRICAL OUTLET,}


2011 Shanghai Summer Surprise, Shanghai Lounge, Caitlin Pascal, Ottawa

( Lost Little Girl REAL GOLD SERIES 24 pieces , Steer Cuts, Pissing Between Parked Cars, Edie Scrapper Bike,  }


2011 Full Ass Moon, Unit 2, Toronto
{Dalek Lap Dance, Ultra Dolly, Fuck You and The horse You Road in On, Steer Cuts, Outlet, Germs 1}


2011 Riverdale Art Walk, River Dale Arts Guild, Toronto

{ FAKE STORE  Cardbord general store}}


2011 Kensington Art Walk, Kensington Market, Toronto

{ Fake Store, Cardbord general store}


2011 Gender Odyssey, Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Ridgefield CT
[ Edie Scrapper Bike } CATALOG


2011 New orleans Automaton Festival, Myrtle Von Dammit, Piety Iron Works, New Orleans
{038 The Scapegoat (animatronic goat sculpture)}


2011 Lost Little Girl Art Show, Barrister’s

Gallery, New Orleans LA

{Edith Massey Sedgwick, Fishy Stripy Dress, Termite &Vine, Eat Led, I dont Wann Anything, Fishy Vs Grey, The Clemmens,  Shitty Staph of Hatered, Steer Cuts Proto Twemplate, Mariana Trench, Sterile Amerika, Lost Little Girl Show ORIGINAL 24pieces, Milly Onion, Bathtub 4evr, THE THE TRIALS AND ERRORS of the Underground NAtion (13 pieces)


2011 Slave To Art, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa

{Fur Coat, sissy Steaks Ice Cream, Fetishised Face Surgery}


2011 Porn is/is not Art, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa

{Lamby vs Pussy, Lamby Vs Lil Lamby}


2011 Naked Naked Naked, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa

   {Wanna Be Friends}


2010 The Art of Giving, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa

{RECORDS Destroyed by PJM]


2010 I Killed the Group of Seven, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa
(Fire swept Algoma }


2010 Like a Prayer, Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans LA
{Fetishised Face Surgery Crushed, Retribution}


2010 I Wish I Was Dead, Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans LA
{Tabernacle of the Disciples of the Blood of the Lamb, An Artistic Life Kills Slowly, Black Dye, Ride a Lamb, Nazi fag, Fur Coats}