The Lost Aorta/ ART XX interview ~ June 2010

The Lost Aorta Magazine Interview

The Lost Aorta Magazine InterviewIn 2010 i was one year in to living in toronto, one year since i ended a chaotic 5 year epic of hitchhiking and riding trains around america, running a legalized squat non profit advocay group, and fronting an art-punk-metal-fundamentalist-christian-demon worship art cult.At the time of this interview i was working full time to make pieces for my First Solo Show in over a decade, Lost Little Girl Show @ Barrister’s Gallery {nola}. After this interview I had a bunch of roomate vs boyfriend fist fight personal drama, when we got evicted I moved in to a small art studio in a film producers mansion. My art show in NOLA april9 2011 was well attended, well written up, got me some great contacts, but made almost no money at all. since then I’ve been concentrating on making art objects in my Peer’s Price range, like my RealGold Series and my artist books. I’m still working on preparing a high quality art book, projected ready for the end of 2012. I also enjoy exploring materials and techniq and I’m working on the gallery half of my Faster-Cheaper-More-Plentiful manifesto by constantly reinventing new ways to blow my drawings up in to highly detailed paintings(As of all souls day 2011)I am temporarilly settled in Greater Metropolitan Toronto for the Long term at least for the Short Term. I’ve built a really tricked out art studio here and I’m preparing my craft and planning my next move.

-Butter 24-10-2011

Aorta bay area art mag interview with Immogen Binnie May 2010




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Imogen Binnie

24 June 2010


  • ok hi

    I am going to do
    this interview by facebook messages and/or e-mail if you want; I’m just
    gonna ask you some stuff and then edit it all into an order and THEN, if
    you want, I’m gonna see if they’ll let you lay it out with some artwork
    or whatevs.


    Hello. What name would you like the
    interview to be under?

    What other names have you gone by?

    Will you describe yourself at age fourteen?

    I know a few of
    the places you’ve lived, but will you describe the places you’ve lived
    and the art you’ve done in those places?

    What is the deal with
    zines- why do them? When did you start doing them, and have you just
    continuously done them since then?

    What kind of training do
    you have?


    Let’s start there and then I
    will ask you more stuff okay? thx!


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    Sybil Lamb

    25 June 2010

    Sybil Lamb

    • {!–Hello. What name
      would you like the interview to be under?
      What other names have you
      gone by?–}

      Hiya !! My name is Lostetta Pukerella,
      HeadMisstress and secretary general of the Termite and Vine home for
      lost little Girls and Boys, non-prof-corp-estate-haunted-house. Most
      people call me Lily Butter, for short. Lily butter land is written on
      all my art statements stuff. i have 13 active names total.

      {!–Will you describe yourself at age fourteen?–}

      i was afraid
      of blu jeans and wore sweat pants and a blu outdoors jacket and
      T-shirts advertising beer from the other side of the planet. then at age
      16 i dropped out of school and got at least enuff fashion sense to be a
      teen goth floosie. I’m starting to learn to dress myself lately, thanks
      mostly to my improved attempts at t-shirt surgery.

      {!–I know a
      few of the places you’ve lived, but will you describe the places you’ve
      lived and the art you’ve done in those places?–}

      I was born
      at one of those hospitals for troubled youth in south ontario. them i
      hung out with punk drag queens while working at a body piercing shoppe
      in montreal. then i moved to pittsburgh cuz i had a crush on my
      provocateur cousin who groomed me to be a homesteading activist while we
      lived in a brief series of abandoned building that kept getting arsoned
      or bulldozed. but before i did that i lived in filthydelphia and
      lincoln nebraska by accident for a while.
      In filthydelphia i got to
      do customer service at a porn site for a while, but i quit so i could
      live in electricity less buildings with holes in the walls. Then
      hurricane Katrina happened and my cousin and me decided to relocate our
      abandoned house cleaning hobby to the Big Sleazy.

      {!–What is
      the deal with zines- why do them? When did you start doing them, and
      have you just continuously done them since then?–}

      zines are
      so dippy. i myself “really like” zines. by that i mean i have a few
      dozen in a pile and its my zine pile and many of my pile i just collect
      from “around” and I’ve read about a third of them completely and the
      rest Ive read maybe a third of.

      another reason i like zines
      is cuz I need to tell my big collection of weird mostly true stories so i
      can conect with other people and they can perhaps comprehend my thought
      process and the PTSD that i used to invent it. I also like it when
      people dig on my stuff and tell me

      “yeh, I used to eroticise
      all my poorly thought out negative behaviour too but now i’m way better”

      and then i can stalk them and study them obsessively until i
      learn to act mature too

      I need to wrestle all the stories out
      of my head and yell them in to a photocopier and then print 50 copies
      and mail them to people or sneakily plant them in the bathrooms of
      places where queer-dance-party-bike-mechanics hang out.

      now I’m trying to learn to get good at editing and “economy of Words”. I
      heart stream of conscious ranting but You gotta ease back on the rants
      and try to make narrative pay attention to the meaning behind the story
      you’re telling.

      another ugly rookie miss steak is writing
      about how you are writing while you write this. look at this sentence!!
      what the hell kind of sentence is this ??

      kind of training do you have?–}

      i am a licensed forklift
      2 years in a machine shop
      I life weights and do dancer
      stretches 3-4 times a week
      i sit on the board of two non profit
      I spent 3 months as the mechanic aboard a wandering
      veggy oil powered bus
      and I am an art school drop out, but i only
      realized how much i learned from art school recently. Shortly after i
      decided to get serious about being a professhonal artsy I discovered
      that everybuddy didn’t know much about 2 and 3 point perspective or
      color schemes or proportion in gesture drawings. Every single one of
      those things is actually very relevant in everyday life. they come up
      all the time.

      oh Imi, Luv you n shit,

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    Imogen Binnie

    25 June 2010


    • I love you back!
      Sweet let’s do more!

      -Will you tell me about the people and
      mission of the veggy oil bus?

      -What are the nonprofit

      -your artwork has been shown in galleries, right?
      Where and when and what did you show?

      -how did you start
      publishing your artwork online, and can you talk about the way you
      contextualize your art in terms of zines, e-zines, and otherwise?

      -Will you list zines you’ve made?

      -Are e-zines real, or are
      they a joke, or are they a real joke, or what?

      -Will you tell
      me more (or all) of the names you’ve used?

      -Will you tell me
      about your experience in the piercing shop- that was the late nineties,
      right? When piercings were being framed as this subversive things?

      -What’s your relationship to body modification? You have hella tattoos
      and subdermal bumpies and stuff.

      Will you tell me about
      Termite And Vine? I know it was a pretty big deal project you were
      working on for a long time. What’s the Termite n Vine situation now?

      Why did you decide to move to New Orleans after Katrina?

      Will you tell me about the time you got beat up a year or two ago?

      Also will you tell me things about being trans? I’m not sure what kinda
      stuff or how much you wanna say in a magazine, but whatever you want to
      talk about would be awesome.

      I will think of more but that is
      it for this round! xo

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    Sybil Lamb

    27 June 2010

    Sybil Lamb

    • this is fun. this
      magazine interview will be really good for me cuz i can show it to my
      employment councilor and maybe make the case that art is sort of my job
      and they should support me in that direction. like buy me paints and
      inks, i can spend $100-$200 a month on art supplies, excluding instant
      coffee and art pills and etc.

      -Will you tell me about the
      people and mission of the veggy oil bus?

      The mission of the Low
      Maintenance Art bus was that LA performance Artist, Boook Rollo, lost
      her entire family when her house fell off a cliff in to the south
      califurnyeh ocean. she got a tiny inheritance that she spent on a Short
      bus that she converted to veggy power. A weekend of helping her get her
      veggy system working turned in to 3 months of living on the bus. we had a
      rotating cast of Bus dwellers who where mostly travel punks and as
      often as possible, artsy ones.

      the art bus got to do a few fun
      things like park inside the Oyster gallery (now defunct, NOLA) and hide
      in the mountains around Short MNTN Sanctuary. we had 13 cone speakers
      on the roof and drove from oakland to nashville, via LA, Austin, NOLA,
      Montgpmery, Pencilcola, and the entire time we where playing childrens
      casette tapes and making anouncments like

      “do not consume
      excessive water !!! there is nuthing wrong in this sector !!! Do not
      travel unessessarily in your car . leave the highways open for official
      vehicles. everything is fine!!”

      i almost joined permenantly and
      just toured forever. boook is currently parked on a veggy bus farm in

      -What are the nonprofit corporations?

      and vine artists and musicians homesteaders collective co-operative
      association, and H3llarity affordable housing.

      Groups. one of the surest ways to make your “legalised Sqat” project get
      taken seriously is to spend a few hundred and become a corporation. I
      hope to take the termite corp further by getting serious about giving
      buildings to artists to work in. that is the kind of project that the
      low maintenance was driving around checking out and trying to park at.
      we spent a few days at a veggy oil workshop-show space-info shop in
      nashville called firebrand (lil hamilton).
      Art space, veggy busses,
      and homesteading really all come together in Califurnyeh. while at
      h3llarity house i was next door neighbours of the infamous Jonny Benson,
      who builds robots and mutant instruments in his workshop at his
      successful homestead Purple house, under his corporate umbrella Pink
      House corporation. i first met jonny and boook when they came through
      NOLA on jonnys veggy powered surplus police performance bus. I had
      already worked on the Miss Rockaway Raft project in 2007 and my demon
      metal christian grindcore noise punk band played jonny’s noise bus. that
      was also the genesis of me and boook working together as i played a few
      gigs with her music performance act “Are You My Mother ?”

      was allowed to back her up on my junk bass bedpan guitar cuz i’m also
      sort of an orphan. its an all orphan band. she gigs with other people
      sumtimes. last i knew her collection of childrens toy instruments was
      destroyed in the rain up short MNTN.

      artwork has been shown in galleries, right? Where and when and what did
      you show?

      in 1992 i got kicked out of Enriched Bread Artist
      Co-op for living in my studio.

      then i showed at a lot of coffee
      shops and small gallerys in Ottawa before quitting art about 1998. then
      i switched to just photocopy comic zines and stickers everywhere until
      2004 when i got my first SCanner and got obsessed with scanning every
      single drawing and sketch i’d ever done. has about
      2000 different illustrations and she is missing at least a thousand more
      that I dont have copies of. {see zines section}

      i had a
      studio at studio collective CellSpace in SF for a few months untill i
      got evicted for leaving SF in the low maitenance bus and then
      disapearing for 3 months without paying membership dues.

      gallery is Barrister’s Gallery, St. Claude Nola. I got recruited to show
      in andy antiopolus’s gallery by some art fag discovering me drawing
      intricate ink sketches on my placemat in the back of a coffee shop.
      every few months i pack up all the art in my room and send it to
      Barrister’s and I pop up in group shows and sell sketches every so
      often. I’m working on relearning how to do larger high quality pieces
      and get more and more detail and color depth. i’m also working with
      carbon, velum, graphite, and other transfer methodes, mostly i’m working
      on trying to compine painting and drawing teqniques so i can do big
      color rich high detailed pieces.

      Thansk to barrister’s gallery
      collecting and selling me i have a trickle of funds that i pretty much
      entirally reinvest in to art. I been carrying arround a lumpy folder of
      doodles on the backs of job applications for years. it was only in the
      last 2 years that i realised “oops, i actually have tons of great art
      i’ve done so far. the only way to make money doing this is to use those
      images to make quality pieces that display the image.” So now i go art
      supply shopping everytime theres money in my hands and right now I’m
      redrawing pictures of my friends i did 5 years ago when i was a dirt bag
      travel punk but now i’m doing them on 180lb fine textured fancy paper
      with metalic ink pigments mixed in weird chemicals and fancy copic
      graphic designer markers. I see people get in to making their own
      pigments from everything from blood to hash to shit, and I’ll be going
      in that direction eventually after i exhaust myself on gold, then its
      meat and motor oil.

      end part 0n1

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    Sybil Lamb

    27 June 2010

    Sybil Lamb

    • Part 2wo

      -how did you start publishing
      your artwork online, and can you talk about the way you contextualize
      your art in terms of zines, e-zines, and otherwise?

      -Will you
      list zines you’ve made?

      low maintenance diary
      I got a Time B*mb
      Pallett Refridgeration

      oh hell, my websites have
      disapeared again… i hope my webmisstress has everything backed up cuz
      my copy hasnt been backed up in 2 months… so many upgrades !!! jeebus

      -Are e-zines real, or are they a joke, or are
      they a real joke, or what?

      eeek !!! they disapeared !!!

      i’m too upset to answer.. its true, you can put entire zines on line
      but that doesnt mean people are gonna read pages and pages of scanned
      photocopies off a computer screen.

      for me Ezines are like the
      rest of my art online, its back up of things that i can turn in to real
      physical things when the whim strikes me and i have money or resources.

      10 years ago 25 people got to read my zine and leave it in their
      bathroom. today a few hundred people get to click through a few pages of
      my entire library of zines and they’ll think to themselves, “well, she
      did a lot of zines”

      I’m a geek and ludite at the same time. I
      have a very powerful very cheapo lap top right now. i’m learning how to
      build pages that work on differnt platforms and devices like ebooks and
      goggle-i-phonelettes. eZines will be real in about 5 or ten years and
      I’m on the band wagon now. I still feel like IGTB3; How to Live Well
      With Homelessness and Mental illness — is sureal 100 page zine to ask
      people to read, i think she’ll be more accessable once i fulfill my plan
      to print a few hundred of her and propeganda b*mb the Continent.

      -Will you tell me more (or all) of the names you’ve used?

      you look around the bathrooms of north east portland, or the furnace
      room of ABCnoRio you will see that Henrietta Potswiper Slept there.


      Sarah Pirate
      Adventure (geocities RIP)

      Lil chiken Newsletter
      {1,2,2.5,2.25,3, 3b, 4}

      and there are more…

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    Sybil Lamb

    27 June 2010

    Sybil Lamb

    • -Will you tell me
      about your experience in the piercing shop- that was the late nineties,
      right? When piercings were being framed as this subversive things?

      -What’s your relationship to body modification? You have hella tattoos
      and subdermal bumpies and stuff.

      i werked at Steelwerks
      Custom Extreme piercing. I got just enuff piercing and tattoo training
      to know how to work on all the equipment, but not the people. i got
      about 25 tattoos including eybrows vz 2.2 and my hands. i used to have a
      million face piercings but i took those out. and i have a normal hair
      color so i’m totally employable.

      my job included making giant
      septum rings and human pincusion kits and teflon implants and urethra
      sounds (rods for boys to shove in their pee holes while
      masterbating.){the cock torture and chastity industry is getting hit
      hard by the recession now. people dont have the hundreds of dollars they
      used to spend on messing with their doinks.

      {{!——-you know about my history with several kinds of
      underground diy surgery options for trans people. i dont wanna talk
      about that here cuz i think it goes down a very deep dark rabit hole and
      it could eclipse everything else. basicly i have a rule that i like
      talking about gender stuff as long as i can get a little bit of distance
      and not talk about mu own gender stuff to deeply. theese days i’m older
      than i look and i have alot of scars and i lift weights at the gym 3
      times a week. I have nuthing to hide but nuthing i wanna talk out to

      I really luv that i can be inspiring to the alt queer
      punk kids. I answer every letter i get eventually. I am the exact
      cartoon of an old punk floosie i always worshiped when i was a lil kid.
      its important for young queer punks to see their peers being hot and
      fab and fierce and doing bold creative constructive things. Queer punk
      alternative families are a aforce to be rekkoned with.

      worry about all the websites yet.

      just emailed my webmisstress
      and begged,flirted with,flattered, prayed for her to pay my url bill

      Terminal garden server, i couldnt have done it without

      Will you tell me about Termite And Vine? I know it
      was a pretty big deal project you were working on for a long time.
      What’s the Termite n Vine situation now?

      Termite is a 24 room
      4800 square foot 2.5 storey old wooden house that was abandoned for 30
      years before it got 5 feet of water in hurrican katrina. Her name is
      Termite and Vine cuz that was what she was made of when i moved in Nov
      2nd 2005. Its a long complicated storey about me moving in to the most
      abandoned place i could find in north america while going throught a few
      years of mental health-substance use-punk weirdo identity vs. being
      usefull and learning to relate to people in a functional way.

      i’ve been in canadia for the last 12 months but there is a small group
      of friends, most of whom have been there for years, and we own it
      coillectively. More acurately we have an ongoing claim on the property
      and document a few thousand dollars in renovations since 02-11-005.
      we’re still negotiating terms to finalise quieting title.

      most active years where 2005-2007 when we installed all kinds of new
      electrical and plumbing and my housemate ken came in in 2008 and
      replaced half the ground floor. during that time i got to go plead my
      case before police and city inspectors and concerned neighbours and sity
      housing atorneys. I also been coming up on my plumbing electrical
      skills. and we had a secret underground musical instrument
      -interdimensional transport rift worm hole we were building.

      our laboratory turned out all kinds of great science, like the time we
      invented a dog soul powered machine, or the gold chair of atonement Lexi
      Pope (team rockaway) made.

      I could list off a dozen great
      projects and people who are termite alumnus. most googleable is mike
      brodie. image search him and you’ll see my bedroom 4 days before the
      first time we got evicted from termite and had to bug city hall for 2
      months to give her back.

      others include the Low maintenance,
      bad idea factory, little lambs, Charlie Soup Foster, Science Nerd
      Apocalypse guild,

      i have left out dozens of musicians and
      actor performance projects. Wixie was deep in to the treehouse project,
      Colin threw crazy parties that spun in and out of lambs performances,
      Kaitlin Brutal runs the Pun Rawk in Oakland Ca, so much came throught
      that space so far. I’m looking forward to going home to termite after my
      weird art retreat in canadia is exhausted.

      we are ever in
      limbo between being an upstanding bunch of hard working arty
      guttersnipes who renovated a condemned building with about %2 of the
      tools and money we should have had — VS — we are squatter junkies and
      schizos moving in to a very insular and nervouse poor violent
      neighbourhood and taking over a house by anoying city hall enuff.

      Why did you decide to move to New Orleans after Katrina?

      Will you tell me about the time you got beat up a year or two ago?

      i moved to NOLA cuz i was wandering around amerika surfing all
      these crushes on young punk girls. I’d crush on a young punk girl and
      move to her town. It was sort of a self destructive phase but just cuz I
      was flying following the skin of my nose all the time. after me and
      May-be K got our third Homestead project taken away from us in Pitt we
      both decided to go move to hurricane katrina specifically so we could

      live somewhere like we felt inside.

      make the outside fit with
      the inside.

      we’re both alot healthier and more grown up now.
      May-be is one of my closest Misery-loves-company-survivors-affinity

      please note: in the past 2 years i’ve renounced alot of
      the dumber parts of punk. like abcess fetishists and
      who’s-liver-is-deadest? contests.

      Also will you tell me things about being trans? I’m not sure what kinda
      stuff or how much you wanna say in a magazine, but whatever you want to
      talk about would be awesome.

      see above. ill talk a bunch about
      underground orchis in a different interview. I’m in a socialist Health
      GRS scholarship program right now. wish me luck.

      gina 2013

      sorry about typos… the cafe is

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    Imogen Binnie

    26 July 2010


    • Okay I am going to do
      one more round of questions.

      -Will you tell me about the
      Little Lambs? What other music projects have you been involved in?

      -What is the Lost Little Girl Show, and is it still going on?

      -Where in Canada are you again? Are you sticking around there for a
      while? How come?

      -Do you have any final remarks?

      (Sweet thanks! I am trying to see if they’ll let me let you lay out a
      couple pages with art and stuff just to print ’em in the magazine
      however you want.)

  • <input … >
    Sybil Lamb

    08 August 2010

    Sybil Lamb


      -What is the Lost Little
      Girl Show, and is it still going on?

      The Lost Little Girl Show
      Started for Reals when I hooked up With Gingham Lollygirl FP420. (if you
      google her you get 30 years of her modeling work as the hottest
      “comfort Dolly” ever.) we met while both of us were getting smuggled in
      to Post Katrina New Orleans in a truck for of Donated supplies. I was
      working handing out supplies to returning residents andwe also ran a
      giant free box of Misc for people to dig through. Gingham lived in my
      tent when she wasnt in my pocket. I have pictures of both of us on
      squatting in half a dozen states. She is also a frequent co star in the
      Lost Little Girl Show comix stories.

      The comix Stories are
      mostly hastily drawn on scrap paper stories about me and my dolly and my
      best friend/cousin, living in a falling down house and navigating freak
      outs and attatchments to sick animals and Hissy Fits. The theme of the
      LLGS was always alleged to be about “having friends and Having fun and
      Playing Games.” The sub theme being the dangers of the Vulnerabilities
      that come from trying to get close to someone and wrastling your own all
      consuming needs and trying to work out how friendship works when you’re
      a thick shelled loner who mistrusts your own concept of what is real
      and what is in your imagination and just who put all these things in
      your imagination anyways.

      The comix have been almost entirally
      web but I draw them on bathroom walls and under the sink at the coffee
      shop in Portland and other weird places. I’ve recently found a bunch of
      the scraps of the origional LLGS comix and I’m attempting to color and
      ink them and I’ll be attempting to print a proper LLGS Zine once I scrap
      together $200 for toner for the Clean Hair PRinting Press.

      Comix productions has been on the back burner for a while since I’ve
      been experimenting at producing some quality art for the gallery. Also,
      me and Penelope Persephone have hardly seen eachother in the last 2
      years. The LLGS Comix document the years leading up to both of us doing
      time in programs to clean up all the substances and Mental wellness work
      we both did trying to be Homesteading activists in a destroyed city
      under martial law. I been drawing LLGS V2.1 Comix where Lost gets to
      mature from age 6 to age x-teen. LLGS is everybuddy’s number one
      favourite thing I do and Its my favourite so I’m trying to get back in
      to the Project and see what happens if I draw it from a very differnt
      perspective where i ‘m Settled down In a nice studio and not gobbling
      moldy salvaged flood pills.

      I Miss Penelope Persephone Baddly.
      Gingham is the most powerful dynamic and comanding sidekick ever but
      there is nuthing like having another unstable fragile psychotic to riff
      yer delusions off of.

      Gingham has been Working on all kinds of
      Ideas for projects. We’ve done a live stage show about 2 dozen times
      where me and Ging do Puppet Show Story Time and I play hunt-and-peck
      punk guitar songs about punching people or the ghost of Bloody Mary. We
      havnt done a Live bit Since IDAPALOOZA 2009 but we’ve been throwing
      ourselves in to trying to keep a regular video blog going. It’s mostly
      been experiments with the VideoBlog form, Ging Singing Punks songs and
      starting a Rave=Rap Band with my 6 month old niece and making a rock
      video in a doll house. I umbrella my Video work under the Lost Little
      Girl Moving Picture Show Project. Which includes 2 feature length live
      action movies I never Finished (Candy Rave that Is Sordid …. and….
      Sterile amerika). All my video revels in low tech. shot on cell phones
      and pawn shop cameras and edited on VideoPad and Distributed on Youtube.

      The goal is to keep it busy, and try to hit them wth as much as
      fast as possible and keep it short. trying to stay relevant while the
      future is showing up faster and faster every day.


      the Lambs Started out when Me and Kaitlin Brutal
      (Punky Brutal, PunFest) became friends while Living in a really nice
      collapsing house in uptown NOLA and working on
      art/mechanical/supplies/mischief for the Miss Rockaway Armada
      (mississippi Punk River Boat Projects 2007) We had been both fantasising
      about making a death metal Jug Band. and then Kaitlin froze one day and
      with a suydden Clarity Cried out “you can not know your true Desire
      until you know the Fantasy of its Nightmares !”

      for me that
      meant wanting to try to hunt and capture all my nightmares and turn them
      in to a punk band. We played Show number one on the (jon Benson) Noise
      Bus. KB smashing Drums and Gino Bambino Played 2nd tier Percussion by
      smashing everyones liqor bottles and James K (from Big Ship) on
      Electronic Feedback and Ellery Neon sawed an AM radio in half and I
      played a can of gasoline made in to a one string guitar. everybuddy
      luved us and we hooked up with other Rockaway Mate, Lexi Pope, and Boook
      Rollo (Low MAintenance Art Bus).

      Lexi Moved in to my room at
      Termite When the Rockaway Project ended and It was really our work
      together that Took the Little Lambs to the next Level where we declared
      ourselves a Christian Demon Metal Band. We cribbed alot from My
      Favourite Dirty South Religion, Discipline of the Lamb X-tian. Lambs are
      basicly Flannery O’Connor Christians who relate to an Unknowable
      Undefinable God Who Keeps us a a Flock to feed God Love and Fear. The
      Idea of a Devil is herself a component of the God she is born out of.
      Lambs exist “beyond Good and Evil” but “the Parable” of Jesus, a mortal
      man who aspires to his beliefs until it kills him, is upheld as an
      example to admire and aspire to. The “discipline” of the Lamb is to stay
      true to your beliefs knowing them to be your only chance at salvation.
      Lambs Cite Revelations 5:12 “only the Lamb who was slain and has risen
      is Worthy to Open the Seals/Recieve the glory and the grace and wealth
      of God”

      That last part I should have Paid more attention to
      when the Lambs did our Notorious Service where we sacrificed a goat to
      try to make a talisman that would carry the grief and guilt
      meaninglessness of horrors and wrongs. What we did was a modified
      version of a traditional christian annual ritual for atoning for sin and
      inequity. (leviticus 14) acording to most translations of the Bible, a
      good cure for flood famine sin disease and boils is to kill a tender one
      year old animal and everybuddy have a feast.

      Let me Note that
      the Ritual of the Scape Goat was performed in an intimate but Elaborate
      endurance performance for just 6 members of the Lambs. It was an honest
      way to me Lex and the others who where in on it to experiment with our
      own faith and try to dialogue with the God in our own angry unstable
      noise punk way. the Lambs have mostly gone in to storage since after our
      Scapegoat ritual and in preparation for an even bigger passover ritual,
      I got beaten with a pipe by a bunch of crack heads and had to take a
      year off to learn how to talk and operate doorknobs again. for a long
      time I believed that that was the answer to my Loud demands for Gawd to
      show it’s self. It was and it wasn’t. It was the side effect of trying
      to get my relation with Gawd from a mix of Louisiana Voodoo and swamp
      Jehova. asking Warlords from vallhalla to get wasted with Barron Samedi.

      We also sent
      ourselves on endurance missions. Like we tried to act out the Book of
      John’s story of the death and rise of Jebus by disapearing in to the
      abandoned 6 flags amusment park for 3 days to build instrumenst from
      scratch from whatever we found there. 2 lambs got arrested but we where
      all free in time to play the show we schedualed for after our mission.
      playing shows only really served to give us focus and deadlined for our
      complex spirtitual quest we where attempting.

      {please note that very few recordings of our music survived cuz the
      musician ship was the least of our concerns. we had a rule that
      inovation in building musical devices was better that knowing how to
      play. some of the best instruments over the dozen shows we played
      included Atonement (Lexi) Steeling other Peoples Instruments (Neon) and
      Cutting a Guitar In half while showing the front row in guitar bits (Dr.
      Ralston Methodone)

  • <input … >
    Sybil Lamb

    08 August 2010

    Sybil Lamb

    • —————————————-—–

      I am living in downtown hipsters vs punx vs hippies vs vintage store
      Dist Kensington Market, Greater Metropolitan, canadia.

      hiding out producing alot of visual art for the gallery and working on
      my skills. also i was Houseless in amerika for 5 years and I need to
      spend a year or two getting health care and government job retraining
      programs. Neworleans, Califurnyeh, and Tennessee aint seen the last of
      me. what I really need is a small diesel truck i can live in.

      i have a partial last
      word. I just wanted to say sumthing about the most important fun and
      rewarding thing i do which is that I document my friends, who are a
      bunch of flawed awkward delusional deviants with every kind of weird
      body and they’re not smiling all day long and our starnge choices in how
      we live our lives seem to often just distance us further from beign
      embraced by the Norm but we’re very satisfied with who we are at our
      cores and we love checking out the other like members of our giant
      writhing misfit family.

      I figured you’d prolly say sumthing
      like that at the begining of the innerview anyways. It bugs me that I
      dont have a more polished way of explaining that succinctly. This is
      sumthing I’ve been trying to get right for years. I refuse to say that
      my subjects are queers and freaks who wear for life the scars of their
      accumulation of unconventional choices, cuz that is who facinate me but
      It dosent convey the beauty and the desire and the extended familyness
      of it all. I get letters from young people saying that they appreciate
      LilyButterLand as a treasure chest scrap book encyclopoadea of secrets
      about the underground that every crazy beutiful mess oughta know if you
      wanna live elegant when you got gutter to work with.

      My work is
      my collection of all the crazy beautifull times my friends turned me on
      to. I dont need to elaborate any more cuz its expalins its self If
      thats wht you look for.

      PS: you noticed that the
      websites came back to life ??

      they disapear for a week or two
      every year cuz they live on a friends server where I share space with a
      dozen other self made personal sites. Webmisstress relies on us to
      remind her to renew our domains and such.


      LUV you, immi

      really excited about this. lemme know whats transpires.

      -Lily Butter

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    Imogen Binnie

    15 October


    • Hey so uh if this wasn’t
      clear, that magazine still hasn’t published the issue this old interview
      was gonna be in. Dunno what happened there. Anyway can I ask you a
      favor? I know everybody always asks you to draw stuff for them and I
      don’t have any money but my band just taped a demo and I was gonna make
      tapes of it so I was gonna sk if you would draw pictures of our faces to
      put in it? Like just line drawings in ovals that I could put inside the
      tapes so it’s clear that we’re all ladies without saying LADY all over
      the place and since Lee’s name is Lee. I’d credit you and stuff.

      Also I know that you are a real artist who does real art so it’s
      totally cool to be like ‘pssh nah’ but i figured i would ask since I
      like yr work a lot and stuff.

      ok thx

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    Sybil Lamb

    15 October

    Sybil Lamb

  • <input … >
    Sybil Lamb

    15 October

    Sybil Lamb

      !!!!!!!!!!!!! 4EV$

  • <input … >
    Sybil Lamb

    15 October

    Sybil Lamb

    • i’m cut n paste this
      whole thing on to my website and call it the lost interview.

      i need read this again and see how much things have changed/not

  • <input … >
    Imogen Binnie

    15 October


    • yeah word no stress
      thanks! Haha yeah you were kind of out of it but whatevs, I forget who I
      was with but I think I was kinda out of it too. & yeah totally
      print that interview! Cool, thanks, I’ll try to get some pictures of our