TransOntario ~ Attack of the 777km Womnz ~ PortLandTraitScaperature by Sybil Lamb

Attack of the 777km Women !


A diverse cast of
TransXual Ladies         xxx
Living and Working
making a scene and a Home
777km Down the

Between where artist Sybil Lamb was born and now lives
nearly the entire width of south Ontario.

The DOUBLE ENTENDRE IS that evryone is a TransWoman.

The Plot twist is that Everyone is now 
70 Meters to 7 Kilometers tall

Official Launch Party @ UNIT2 Toronto Jan 2019

TrOn Gallery 2017-2018.09

the Trans Ontario Roadmap and GuideBook

Mellos Diner // Ottawa 1982


Working With Trans Models
(The Rising Gender Threat)

Project Report OAC 180905

Project Report Aug 2018
Requisition Draft of Declaration affadavit of Intent to Art 

Proposal 2017 Ontario working Artist
Creation Development Grant April 2017


PRINTS Card and TransMerch AVAILABLe


VISUAL INCONGUITY of everyone being 777 feet tall against a backdrop of their home town
means that all Portraits by the break down of the rules of perspective are simultaniously portraits and also landscapes.
That the very form and composition of these works embodies 2 seemingly contradictatory styles of painting is In fact an old an ancient art, as ancient as trans shamyn magic cults, know today as PortLandTraitScapiture

The Secret of The TrOn Collection is that by following the stories and portlandtraitscapes of Lamb’s wandering across 777km of land containing about 40% of the population of canada, Her own story of changing sex and building idintiy and finding community is a told between the lines.

Aditional Content for Trans Audiences Only Hidden Everywhere in plain sight.

..{{TRANS=”trans content is recovering from surgery, More Secret Trans Cult info soon, set the moon to remind your mones. this trans content is also visible to trans guys… I promise more of your kind  in the future of this series ;)  {{/Trans}}..
TransOntario ~
Attack of the 777km Womn ~ PortLandTraitScapes by Sybil Lamb
A geographical encyclopeadia of national geographic like Thrilling pictures of the Wild Tran Ladies of South Ontario taking space across vibrant maximal detail Cityscapes stopping in every cities n towns. All the While Narrated by Lamb the Artist as she slowly reveals through the telling of stories of all the cool gals shes met in her runs up n down the 401 another story emerges; that of Lamb growing and transitioning and moving a lot, So many appartments… gawd I hate Moving…



TransOntario Series Made Possible
By aCreation and Developemnt Grant From
 Ontario Arts Council – Conseil des arts de l’Ontario 
Recognizing Sybil Lamb as an Important Ontario Artist 2017